Misty Cavern

This is a collection of tunes I wrote for a video game project, which sadly didn’t work out. The music remains, though, and I’m quite happy with what I wrote! This was written for the Yamaha YM2151, an 8-channel 4-operator FM synth chip. Writing within those limitations was challenging, but very fun. Hopefully I can do more of this kind of work in the future!



Anxiety is a solo guitar piece I wrote back in graduate school, and it’s probably not too much of a mental leap to imagine the inspiration. Stress-related anxiety is a strange thing. There are times when it feels like the world is closing in around you, and times when you just feel at peace with whatever is going to happen. Then, an hour later, you feel just as trapped as before. I tried to convey those swings of emotion in this piece.

This piece started its life as a study on the style of Andrew York. If you’re familiar with York’s works, you may recognize a bit of Sunburst influence in this piece. The study quickly took a life of its own, and I expanded far beyond the bounds of the original project, but the root influence still shows.

New Release

Dreamscapes and Nightmares

Below is audio and video for a piano suite I wrote back in graduate school called “Dreamscapes and Nightmares,” played by the incredibly talented Will Padgett. All four movements can be downloaded as MP3s from Soundcloud below. Enjoy!