Photo Credit: Vanderbilt University/Steve Green

A graduate of Belmont University with a Master’s in Music, Joshua now teaches music technology at Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. A lifelong musician, Joshua has been recording and mixing music for over a decade, starting with his own music and branching out to other artists as time went on. He has participated in numerous projects as a session player, songwriter, mixer, and producer.

As a mix engineer, Joshua has mixed in multiple genres, including rock, heavy metal, folk, jazz, and classical. His mixing style can differ depending on the genre, but in general he likes to mix toward an open and full sound. It’s important that every instrument can be very clearly heard, but at the same time, the overall sound needs to sound rich and almost larger-than-life. The musical landscape in today’s world demands a high level of production in a mix, and Joshua does everything he can to bring out the best in your track and get it ready for radio, iTunes, and physical media.

As a musician, Joshua began playing guitar over 20 years ago. Today, he has an additional decade years of piano and percussion experience, and over 12 years of vocal experience. He has played classical music on both guitar and piano, and played contemporary styles such as rock, jazz, and metal on guitar, bass, keyboards, drumkit, and vocals. A very diverse player, Joshua knows how to play to the style, and is exceptionally skilled at creating memorable melodic lines and grooves.